Thursday, July 8, 2010

How To "Make Money" With This "FREE Training System" Called "NetDivvy"

Can you really make money with the NetDivvy Training & Marketing System? The answer.... simply is YES! There are a myriad of other training and marketing systems out there all promising to make you a better marketer.

While most of them can and will help you, it will come at a price. The simplest systems run around $50 per month and the most in depth and detailed cost over $200 each month. NetDivvy does everything all the expensive systems do, but it doesn't cost you a dime!

My friends, Vince Reed and Terry Dorland have developed the NetDivvy Training & Marketing System to follow Zig Ziglar's quote: "You can have whatever you want in life if you'll just help enough people get what they want." This program exemplifies that philosophy.

NetDivvy has created this site and this business to give people a chance to see what it's like to earning money online... odds are once you make your first dollar, and you see how easy that was you won't be able to quit. NetDivvy has designed the most duplicable training system this industry has ever seen, and the results speak for themselves. The most important principle in building your business online is learning to generate leads. Once you master it, you can systematically build ANY business you want.


Watch the following short video for more information at:
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They teach you to generate leads, sign people up in your primary business better than anyone. They also give you the ability to make money from leads that don't join your primary opportunity by giving people a funded proposal where you can earn money in a number of different ways all from people taking advantage of the company's training and marketing tools and again all for FREE.

The first thing new marketers need is a website. NetDivvy gives people a number of high converting capture pages that people can use for EVERY marketing strategy. They are very easy to set up if you are technically challenged, but they also provide a great deal of customization for more advanced advertising venues like Google Adwords. The company also provides customized blogs so people can use them as a centralized hub for their business.

Once you have a website and a blog, the next the next step is to drive targeted traffic to that site. NetDivvy's marketing and advertising training is second to none. Their step by step instructions on how to generate leads with every top strategy are easy to follow and detailed enough for even the most technically challenged people. Their exclusive instruction on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Craigslist, Blogging, Google Adwords, Yahoo search, Bing, ezines, and SEO cannot be found anywhere else.

All the top earners in the industry maximize their earnings by generating a list of opt in subscribers and building relationships with them over time through email, video, and blog posts. They market products and services to that list that will help them build their businesses thus generating revenue. NetDivvy shows you how to use email as a point of leverage to communicate with your list on a regular basis and build relationships over time that will result in a loyal following.

All new businesses take an investment of time and money to become profitable. NetDivvy gives brand new network marketers a place to start so they can learn all the best marketing strategies, how to become a true leader in the industry, and how to maximize their earnings all without spending a dime.

FREE TRAINING and MARKETING SYSTEM taking ANY online business to the next level.

Bring in 10-15 leads per day using simple strategies for FREE at: FREE TRAINING & MARKETING. Again . . .Go here for more information:

To your success!

Lloyd Dobson  :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"Tax Tips Home-Based Businesses Can Bank On"


In your home-based business, do you ever pay $600
or more -- over the course of the entire year -- to any
vendors, suppliers, stores, print shops, etc.  

Of course!
       Autoship purchases?
       Post Office or UPS?
       Staples or Office Depot?
       Kinko's or a Print Shop?

Quietly tucked into the "Obamacare" health bill is
a little item that has nothing to do with healthcare,
but a LOT to do with your small business.

Here's what happened.
Congress thinks a lot of businesses aren’t reporting
all of their income, and thus under-paying their taxes.
So their brilliant solution?

A new law will force every taxpayer who spends $600
or more with any individual person or company, to
file a 1099 at the end of the year for every single
one of them.

Yes, that includes companies like Best Buys, United
Airlines, and Vista Print, in addition to individuals
such as Independent Contractors, freelancers, etc.

This requirement specifically includes Corporations,
which were formerly exempt from this requirement.

As a home-based business owner, you may need

to begin collecting Employer Identification Numbers
from the sales clerk at the Mac Store, your cell phone
company, your internet service provider, and even
your landlord. 

The Commissioner of the IRS, recognizing the huge
additional burden this places on taxpayers (as well
as the IRS computer system!), claims they will be
looking at a variety of options for minimizing the

He has mentioned only ONE so far:
Since the IRS already requires all credit card
companies and banking institutions to turn over
their complete records to the IRS every year
(including overseas transactions), you may be
able to get out of filing 1099s for companies
you pay by credit card or debit card. 

Although it is always better to pay any business
expense by credit card, because it provides
additional documentation.  We may soon have
another incentive to do so.

Possible good news? 
This new legal requirement doesn't go into effect
until 2012 so there still is time for Congress to
come to its senses and rescind the law, or for
the IRS to find ways to streamline the requirement.

Did you hear the 'Cell Phone' Tax
Deduction Announcement?  
Ronald Mueller is asked many times about tax-deductions 
for cellular phones, that I want to make sure you know this --

The IRS has issued a "Safe Harbor" ruling. That
"you do not have to follow this, but if you do,
the auditors will not challenge you."

The ruling says if you have a cell phone that is primarily
for business purposes, you may claim 75% of the costs
as a tax-deductible business expense -- and no special
record keeping is required.

You may find out more information concerning the advantages
of owning a home-based business when it comes to tax
strategies by visiting Ronald R Mueller, MBA, Ph.D website at
the following link:

Make it a great day!

Lloyd Dobson

Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Quick Recap of Attraction Marketing

A Quick Recap Of Attraction Marketing located below should give you some key points to move you to the next level on the internet. My reason for this article is to fold:

(1) First, to help share this whole attraction marketing/lead generation thing to show you that, if you are still sitting on the sidelines, there’s nothing complicated or fancy about what you see other people doing online. And there’s no reason you shouldn’t be participating in this modern day marketing gold rush either.

(2) Secondly, to help you quickly (much more quickly than you may have previously thought possible) “scale up” your marketing and breakthrough to new levels of income that, until now, may have seemed too far fetched to even dream about.

Below is an overview of some fundamental keys to help you:

* The amazing sales miracles that begin when you STOP thinking of yourself as a marketer and begin thinking  of yourself as your prospect’s advocate and trusted advisor.

* How to completely eliminate all resistance to your message so that people listen intently to every word you say and enthusiastically ACT on every product recommendation you make by simply educating them
instead of pitching them.

* The internet allows you to enjoy the benefits of mass communication that were previously only available to large corporations and people with a lot of money. By reaching 10, 100 even 1,000 times the amount of people with the same message for little or even no cost at all, you are able to create MORE results with less work and less time… for once making a truly part time business a reality for the average person with a full schedule and a limited budget.

* Prospects and customers flock to those who demonstrate that they’re knowledgeable about a subject. The key to attraction marketing is a simple two word formula (Teaching Sells) that allows you to effortlessly sell massive quantities of any product or service, in any industry. On the other hand…

* Failing to teach and educate your audience makes you invisible to your prospects – indistinguishable from everyone else. This dooms you to obscurity and a never-ending treadmill of having to fight tooth and nail for every sign up you get, along with the nagging uncertainty of never knowing where you’re going to find your next potential prospect.

* Because of the speed, efficiency and number of options available, the internet has become the primary method for doing research and making purchasing decisions.

* The people who are still doing the grunt work of one-to-one prospecting and daily cold calling are losing their customers and prospects to those who are positioning themselves as valuable resources using the internet.

* No matter what business you are in, your job is to become a producer and distributor of information. The purpose of every internet marketing, traffic generation or advertising method is to distribute your information.

* When you become a producer and distributor of information (content) you’ll get free sales and leads from word of mouth like you’ve never experienced before… eliminating the need for you to spend a fortune or huge amounts of time on advertising or junk “opportunity leads” like other distributors.

* The difference between the top income earners in any industry and everyone else is the way they package and distribute their information.

* Being an “expert” for the purpose of lead-generation means knowing slightly more about the topic than the customer. Nothing more. Because of the tremendous leverage the internet offers, you can get started right now regardless of your past experience or level of success.

* Producing lead-generation content is better than having a license to print money. It’s free to make and one single piece of content can continue to fuel your business with fresh customers and distributors for months and even years after you produced it. This kind of “residual” traffic effect is not enjoyed by regular sales reps.

* If you don’t give people a reason to follow you, they’re going to follow someone else. By handing out valuable information to people, you will collect all the “orphaned” customers and distributors out there looking
for help, rather than losing them to other people who are doing the same.

* People equate different types of content with different levels of knowledge or expertise. Once you’ve gotten started with attraction marketing, there are two ways to predictably and systematically explode your “credibility ranking” (and therefore your income):
1) Create more content
2) Create more “advanced” levels of content

* The easiest, fastest and most guaranteed way to become the top distributor in any program (even if you’re struggling right now) is to produce more advanced levels of content and offer your product/service to people after they’ve consumed your content and have become bonded to you.

* The #1 most over-looked (and therefore most powerful) marketing strategy in the network marketing industry is differentiation. A few ways to differentiate yourself are: Specializing in a niche, putting a different
spin on your content, packaging your content in a different format than others, and targeting a different audience.

*  How to get all the attention your product deserves by simply “repackaging” it for a different target audience, creating the perception of a totally unique, one-of-a-kind solution that will have people
clamoring to buy – even if everyone else is selling the exact same thing you are.

* Information marketing allows you to sell your products and services on a mass scale using the internet while staying 100% compliant with your company’s guidelines -- whereas the traditional “bulldog” style of selling and advertising that leads with a heavy pitch for your product does NOT.

Make it a great day!
Lloyd Dobson

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Traffic Exchanges I Recommend

Traffic exchanges are one of the easiest ways to get traffic to your site. You add your website to their traffic rotation and it randomly displays website from other people when you surf the exchange. You get a credit and your website is randomly displayed to someone else.  The more credits you have, the more times your site is displayed to the other members of the traffic exchange. 

To use a traffic exchange, you first have to be a member.  Most of the time you can join a traffic exchange for free but you will have to surf a lot so your site will be shown to the other members.  It’s usually a good idea to upgrade in the traffic exchange because they will give you a certain amount of credits each month so you don’t have to surf so much!

When using a traffic exchange, it’s best to advertise a page with your name, picture and an opt-in form on it so that you can build your list.  If you have no idea how to build a capture page, that’s fine… you can use my system FREE right here:

Or you can build your own site free with You will need to know how to get your HTML form code from your Auto Responder Service so you can add it to your capture page.

One of the best splash page makers is Instant Splash. It is free to join, but I encourage you to upgrade to the PRO membership because it’s less than $10 per month and you can create as many splash pages as you want — and only PRO members at Instant Splash can add their auto responder form code to the page.   The more people see you (your picture and your name) the more they are likely to feel as if they already know you – and they will buy from your or join you in your program.  You also MUST capture the name and email of your prospects so you can stay in contact with them through your auto responder, another great reason to upgrade to PRO.  Click Here to see an example of a page I created with InstantSplash.

There are so many traffic exchanges out there, it’s hard to know which ones are worth your time.  I mean, seriously… there’s a lot of clicking going on and you need to make sure you are advertising your sites in responsive exchanges.  I suggest using a service that statistically tracks all of the top traffic exchanges.  My favorite service is Traffic Hoopla.  They keep their list updated with the most responsive traffic exchanges and safelist every week.  It’s a great service and it’s free.
Here are the some top traffic exchanges:
EasyHits4U Traffic Swarm
I Love Hits
Traffic Witch
Top Tier Traffic
Farm Traffic
Hits Impossible
Biggy Traffic
123 Clicks
StartXchange Trafficera
Dragon Surf
Lords of Traffic
BootScootin Traffic
Major League Hits
Free Traffic World
Hit Silo
Forever Concepts
Whirl Wind Traffic
KC Surf

There are tons of traffic exchanges online and more are popping up every month. If you do a Google search of a term like “top traffic exchanges”, you should be able to find the newest, hottest and highest-rated.  Your best bet is to use the service I mentioned above to make sure you are advertising in the most responsive traffic exchanges.

Make it a great day!
Lloyd Dobson

Monday, May 31, 2010

Network Marketing Lead Generation

Network marketing lead generation is one of the fundamentals for success on the internet with your business. Without a lead generation system, failure is almost inevitable. What if you were able to generate 5,000 FREE leads each month? Would that be of interest to you? How would you like to get FREE leads every month?

It doesn't matter what business you are in, you must have leads. If you are like most of us, leads don't come easy.

The truth is, if you're doing business on the web, traffic is everything. What good does it do to have a fantastic web site, product or service if nobody ever sees it?

You will receive fresh leads, not harvested leads! Real opt-in leads that are interested in your business! All leads include: full name, email, address and IP!

Refer and get even more leads!
Here is how it works! All you have to do is refer with your affiliate link. You can get up to 100,000 leads and you can make money too. More on that once you join. Here are the amounts of leads you can get for the number of referrals you make!

You also have the option of upgrading one time to the Ultimate level. You will see this offer when you first log in and in your back office.

Bronze (no referrals needed)
You get 5000 opt in leads each month for free

Silver (refer 5 people) You get 10,000 opt in leads each month for free

Gold (refer 15 people)
You get 20,000 opt in leads each month for free

Platinum (refer 30 people)
You get 40,000 opt in leads each month for free

Ultimate (refer 50 people)
You get 100,000 opt in leads each month for free

How You Can Make Money With This Site!

You can earn yourself FREE access to more leads by referring new users to All you have to do is refer with your affiliate link. You can get up to 80,000 leads and every time someone purchase the upgrade you make $15! Here are the amounts of leads you can get for the number of referrals you make!

Leads Referrals
5,000 0
10,000 5
20,000 15
40,000 30
80,000 50

Make it a great day!
Lloyd Dobson