Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Traffic Exchanges I Recommend

Traffic exchanges are one of the easiest ways to get traffic to your site. You add your website to their traffic rotation and it randomly displays website from other people when you surf the exchange. You get a credit and your website is randomly displayed to someone else.  The more credits you have, the more times your site is displayed to the other members of the traffic exchange. 

To use a traffic exchange, you first have to be a member.  Most of the time you can join a traffic exchange for free but you will have to surf a lot so your site will be shown to the other members.  It’s usually a good idea to upgrade in the traffic exchange because they will give you a certain amount of credits each month so you don’t have to surf so much!

When using a traffic exchange, it’s best to advertise a page with your name, picture and an opt-in form on it so that you can build your list.  If you have no idea how to build a capture page, that’s fine… you can use my system FREE right here:

Or you can build your own site free with You will need to know how to get your HTML form code from your Auto Responder Service so you can add it to your capture page.

One of the best splash page makers is Instant Splash. It is free to join, but I encourage you to upgrade to the PRO membership because it’s less than $10 per month and you can create as many splash pages as you want — and only PRO members at Instant Splash can add their auto responder form code to the page.   The more people see you (your picture and your name) the more they are likely to feel as if they already know you – and they will buy from your or join you in your program.  You also MUST capture the name and email of your prospects so you can stay in contact with them through your auto responder, another great reason to upgrade to PRO.  Click Here to see an example of a page I created with InstantSplash.

There are so many traffic exchanges out there, it’s hard to know which ones are worth your time.  I mean, seriously… there’s a lot of clicking going on and you need to make sure you are advertising your sites in responsive exchanges.  I suggest using a service that statistically tracks all of the top traffic exchanges.  My favorite service is Traffic Hoopla.  They keep their list updated with the most responsive traffic exchanges and safelist every week.  It’s a great service and it’s free.
Here are the some top traffic exchanges:
EasyHits4U Traffic Swarm
I Love Hits
Traffic Witch
Top Tier Traffic
Farm Traffic
Hits Impossible
Biggy Traffic
123 Clicks
StartXchange Trafficera
Dragon Surf
Lords of Traffic
BootScootin Traffic
Major League Hits
Free Traffic World
Hit Silo
Forever Concepts
Whirl Wind Traffic
KC Surf

There are tons of traffic exchanges online and more are popping up every month. If you do a Google search of a term like “top traffic exchanges”, you should be able to find the newest, hottest and highest-rated.  Your best bet is to use the service I mentioned above to make sure you are advertising in the most responsive traffic exchanges.

Make it a great day!
Lloyd Dobson

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